Social Media for Programmers
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A friend of mine has been accepted to DevBootcamp and I’m pleased to see the coursework is beginning even before classes. He’s not so pleased — really, he’s puzzled by the emphasis on social media:

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I’ve starting using Twitter as @pushcx. I’ve been reading a few people for a while, but not really contributing.

Any longtime readers will know I’ve been thinking about usernames. A little while ago I realized that, while it doesn’t include my name, ‘pushcx’ is a decent enough handle that can be dereferenced uniquely.

Twitter users, please leave your username in a comment with a tip for getting the most out of Twitter. I’d like to avoid as many newbie mistakes as I can. :)

Worthy of Praise
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I’ve really enjoyed Timothy Fitz’s new blog, he’s sold me on Continuous Deployment, named the benefits automation I never put my finger on, and more.

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Twitter and Ruby’s Open Classes
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For a few years I’ve been using weird, funny, outrageous, bizarre, or just offensive quotes as IM status messages. They used to appear at the bottom of this site, but the Jabber bot that fetched them has been offline for a while. I hooked them up to a Twitter account with a short Ruby script, and I wanted to talk about it a little.

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