Queue Zero

Almost exactly a year ago, I posted about Sizing Up My Queue to count up how much video and audio I had downloaded to watch. The final tally?

queue: 877 files, 674007 seconds = 7d:19h:13m:27s total duration

I’ve been running that script almost every day, and for the first time it said:

queue: 0 files, 0 seconds = 0d:00h:00m:00s total duration

I did track values over time, and after a lot of frustration LibreOffice permitted this hideous graph - the Y axis is how many days of media remain:

media-queue{.aligncenter .size-medium .wp-image-2752 .content width=”300” height=”172”}

This was a fun little project. There’s still a few thousand files in ~/queue. It’s a bit of a junk drawer (games waiting for me to have Windows again, photos to file away, archived web pages), but the majority of it is books and papers. I suppose next I could write a script to take the word count of epub/mobi/pdf/html files... it’d be a bit of fiddling running different commands to dump word counts from the various formats, but it could work.

Well, it could work in that, yes, I could technically write that script. I’ve known for decades that my to-read list has been growing faster than I read.