Redshift With Cloudiness Adjustment

A Lobsters story on the bright blue light of displays reminded me I should post this. I use redshift to adjust the color temperature of my monitor at night so I sleep better, and I wrote a custom wrapper script to include an adjustment for how overcast it is.


set -e # exit on error #set -x # debugging

if [ `pidof /usr/bin/redshift` ] ; then exit ; fi

# Chicago LAT=41.94 LONG=-87.65

MAX=5700 DOWNTO=4200 # Tungsten: 2700K # Halogen: 3400K # Fluorescent: 4200K # Daylight: 5500K MODE=vidmode GAMMA=0.8

# figure out how overcast it is, and adjust temperature to match TODAY=`date +%Y-%m-%d` wget -q -O/tmp/clouds.xml “$LAT&lon=$LONG&begin=${TODAY}T00:00:00&end=${TODAY}T23:59:59” OVERCAST=`echo -e ‘s/[\^0-9]*([0-9]+)<\/value>/\1/m\nt xxx\nd\n:xxx’ |sed -rf - /tmp/clouds.xml |tail -n 1` TEMP=`echo “$MAX+${OVERCAST}0” |bc`

redshift-gtk -l $LAT:$LONG -t $TEMP:$DOWNTO -g $GAMMA -m $MODE