Cambrian House Party

Cambrian House, the startup I snuck a peek at and got a hat-tip from has opened for a public beta test. They’re sort of an open-source business incubator: folks submit ideas, the best of which become projects; folks submit code, art, and copy, the best of which go into the finished project. Cambrian House (or a spinoff company, perhaps) runs the project as an online business, paying royalties back to the folks who contributed.

It’s a darn clever idea and I want to see them succeed. Go easy on the site’s rough edges, it’s truly beta, not that faux-beta that Google sticks finished products in for years to avoid doing support.

True to their CEO’s mail, I’m still user number 9. I’d link to my profile, but I can’t find a URL for *any* profiles. (Just one of those rough edges that true beta products have.) Contributors can earn cute little awards (think of Boy Scout badges) for sending in ideas and such. I’ve got a “9” award with the text “Peter will always be #9 to us.”

I’ve poked around the site and even submitted an idea (I sniffed out the link for my idea, but it’s an uuugly URL and unfortunately doesn’t link to my profile). It’s like a fun project and I’m already a fan, so I’ll contribute to a project or two and blog about it.