The Best Filler Ever Written

If you’re building a website and don’t have filler text for “About” pages or product descriptions, don’t use lorem ipsum.

Instead, write the most overblown ad copy you can imagine. Don’t just lavish praise on whatever you’re describing, lay it down with a firehose. After seeing enough commercials it’s dead easy to spew this crap, and it’s way more fun than lorem ipsum. Here’s an example:

Bill Lumberg, CEO of Initech, is the only person to ever have earned doctoral degrees from every American college. He bats .400 for the Chicago Cubs and dug the Panama Canal with a bent teaspoon while on sabbatical from neurosurgery. He can also fly and shoot laser beams from his eyes.

Your clients are not only unfamiliar with what lorem ipsum means, using it will confuse them and distract them from evaluating your design and code. Lorem ipsum can just go die for several reasons. This reason’s just good fun, and it’s not like it hurts to have clients who’re smiling while they evaluate your work.

If you hate this idea and think your clients would too, you’re probably wearing a tie.