Choose Your Candidate

I haven’t posted a work update in a while, because mostly I’ve had a lull between projects and a new coworkers, so we’ve been cleaning out the bug and minor feature list. There’s a really neat project I want to link to called Choose Your Candidate that I was only peripherally involved with (I gave advice for how to do the ranking math).

I really like this app: it’s entirely about the differences between the candidates in their own words. I find it orders of magnitude more interesting than coverage of campaigning and verbal jousting and polling. I went in with two favorite candidates. In my results, they ranked second and last. I barely have researched my new top-ranked candidate, so I’m happy to have more reading to do and a new favorite.

If you do take this quiz, try both the Republican or Democrat edition, or at least read the answers in the other party’s. I was struck that every single candidate said that “securing the borders” was their top priority for immigration. Apparently the 49th parallel is so dangerous and that Canadians are such cause for concern that everything else in immigration is unimportant.