Know a Good Linux Feed Reader?

Could anyone recommend a good feed reader for Linux? I need to be able to organize my ~160 feeds in folders, read an entire feed or set of feeds without having to click incessantly, and get already-read items out of the way.

At the moment I’m using rawdog, a painfully simple aggregator that just dumps all the latest items into a local HTML page. It has no features, but at least it doesn’t actively get in my way.

I’ve tried all the Firefox plugins and they’re either very buggy (Habari Xenu, NewsFox), immature (Fizzle), or too painful to use (Pluck, Wizz). It’s a shame, because they all at least integrated well with the browser, probably better than I can imagine a separate program doing.

Web-based services like NewsGator are right out because I read a number of feeds that I need to keep private because they’re not-yet-launched projects, friends’ personal blogs, bug feeds from apps I’m supporting, and so on. I know they all have privacy options, but I’m unwilling to chance anything going wrong with other people’s private data.

So, any ideas?