Luke, who writes backwards like DaVinci did some more game design with help from #bbg (on irc.freenode.net - anyone’s welcome to drop by to talk browser game development, it’s a great place). Reading his note photo, it looks like he’s breaking cards down into Settings, Characters, and Monsters. There’s not a lot more info, just that he’s spending his hours planning out his game.

Speaking of hours, I missed responding to something in his previous update:

Eventually, I’m going to create web interfaces for a lot of this stuff, but for now I’ll have to do any settings and etc. by hand in the database. By the way, the interface work isn’t strictly game-related and can be handled outside of So Play We All hours.

After the first week we said hours had to be budgeted towards code, but not marketing and blogging. It’s vague here, Jim, what are you referring to working on? If “interface” means HTML frontend, that’s code that’s gotta get counted, Luke and I both did a bunch of template work on budget.

Anyways, this week Jim’s got some nice top-to-bottom functionality done in his rendering engine. It felt a bit like my update about finishing off code from last week. He’s rendering a basic page:

We do not have DisplayRegions yet, so I am just some simple text. However, this page is now valid XHTML and not simple plain-text!

Congrats on the milestone, Jim.