Sociable 1.1

I’m pleased to announce Sociable 1.1, a small bugfix release.

If you find any bugs, please mail me.

This release fixes two bugs that occurred when running WordPress 1.5 or PHP 5. Also, Sociable now checks to make sure that it was uploaded correctly (and provides instructions on how to fix the upload), so if you had problems with images not appearing or appearing as a vertical list, this should help you out. There’s also a minor performance improvement thanks to David Chait.

Lastly, Chris Kasten added to the list of supported sites.

Look for Sociable 2.0 in two or three weeks to support Spanish and German. If you’d like to help out and now a langauge I’d like to hear from you. I’ll also like to add more sites from the list on the Sociable homepage, so watch this blog for detailed instructions on how to help in a few days.