Sociable 2.0 Beta 2

The long-awaited Sociable 2.0 release is at hand! Before I do a full release and announcement next week on 2007-02-01, I wanted to do a beta release to shake out any bugs. If you don’t mind the risk that Sociable might smoke a little, please download the beta and let me know how it works for you. (Yep, we’re already on beta 2 -- I got an updated site icon just before I finished writing this blog post.)

Good thing I did a beta: already fixed a bug, shrunk the Sociable spacing a little, and added two more sites (an even 50!). Please download 2.0 beta 3.

I just released 2.0 beta 4. This fixed two missing icons, drag and drop for some folks, removed a dead site, and tidied a bunch of HTML. Remember, to upgrade: deactivate Sociable, delete the whole folder, upload the new sociable folder from the zip, and re-activate. If anything’s wrong, click ‘Restore Built-in Defaults’, and mail me if that doesn’t work.

New features in this release:

Now that Sociable supports 48 social bookmarking sites and still has plenty more on the horizon, I have to address the issue of which sites are on by default. I’ve decided to hold an auction: the top five bidding sites, in order, will be on by default in all versions released for at least one year. If you’re interested in this unique opportunity (Sociable automatically checks for new versions and Google shows 1.3 million hits for the help text every Sociable installation displays), please contact me privately for more information. Of course, I’ll still always add sites for free and give them all the same level of usability and support, this is just determines which sites are on by default.

I realize some folks may think I’m being greedy doing this, but I have to limit the number of sites and I’d like to see a return on the time I’ve spent writing, improving, and most of all supporting Sociable. Auctioning a default site selection ensures I can improve Sociable more than I have in the last few months and doesn’t degrade user experience. Thanks for your understanding.