Attending Recurse Center

I have been accepted to the Recurse Center to spend three months on collaborative, self-directed study of programming. I’m planning to continue studying Haskell and dependent types, proof assistants, and category theory. Maybe Coq, Idris, or TLA+ if I can find someone else interested.

Recurse encourages experienced devs to start or work on open source projects. For a couple years I’ve been taking notes on git’s command-line interface and joking about becoming the first CLI UX specialist, so I think I’m going to start that project as part of my Haskell practice. I don’t plan to re-implement git, I plan to wrap it with more cohesive mental models and useful features for day-to-day development work. If you have thoughts or resources in this area, I’d love to hear about them.

I’ll be attending the Fall 2 session in New York City from September 25 to December 15. If you’re in the NYC area those dates and would like to meet up, reach out, I’d love to meet up. And if you’re in Chicago, well, you won’t see me at Code and Coffee for a few months.

Edit: I returned.