Dual-Head on the 13" Macbook

Since Ubuntu Edgy came out last week I decided to spend some more time tinkering with getting dual-head display working, and this time it took.

Feast your eyes on the 1280x1824 goodness:

dual-head macbook screenshot{.content}

The division between monitors is that little gap just under the huge code window.

I keep what I’m working on up on the top monitor -- a nice big vim code window (usually :split into multiple windows) and a browser for viewing the output. Down on the bottom is IRC, SIMud, mail, and any docs I need.

My desktop theme is deliberately very plain and subdued. I figure any time I notice how pretty my desktop is I’m being distracted from what I’m doing, so I have no animations, transparency, or other bits of frippery.

If you’re curious, here’s my xorg.conf. Of course, now that I’ve got it working I’m tempted to get a nice 23” display (the 13” Macbook can run an external display at up to 1900x1200).