Small Steps

In Week 5 of So Play We All, things were pretty quiet. I bugfixed and laid groundwork. Luke... uh... did something. I read his post and it sounds like he added some helpers but otherwise mostly just rewrote his story. It’s more enjoyable now (seriously, play it), but it doesn’t really feel structurally any different. There’s no added mechanics that I can see. I’m curious where he’s going, though.

Meanwhile, Jim is apparently suffering from Python poisoning, because he’s naming events LIKE_THIS. He’s swirling into madness:

Once Version 1 is stable, I’ll compile a list of “official” Events that developers can utilize in their own projects.

No, I didn’t make that up. Not only is he thinking about a framework for multiple games, he’s thinking about a published framework for multiple games. Not, you know, his game. I see why Luke earlier used the phrase architecture astronauts. Jim, you are a great many abstractions away from writing a game, and I think the air is getting thin.

More encouragingly, Jim’s been writing about some of the deities in his game world: Dani, Rhegar, Nuri, Shisane, and Kesok. I understand the setting is largely based on long-gone-by D&D campaigns. It’s great to see some player-facing information.