Done at the Post

Yesterday was my last day at the Washington Post. I don’t have a lot to add to my update 6 weeks ago; aside from some updates to the database of Guantanamo Detainees all of what I’ve done has been internal improvements to start the upgrade to Django 1.0 (80 apps take a while), tidy up templates, and make sure all my code and projects are smoothly transitioned to other newsroom employees.

I’m sad to be leaving the Post, it’s been a great experience to work on the news and I’ve had some amazing coworkers. I even had firsthand proof of the hitherto-mythical “good boss”. And the work goes on, they’re looking to hire two more to work on the team I left (mail me for details if you’re curious).

But I’m excited about the future: tomorrow morning I head back to Chicago for a while, and on Monday I’m working full-time on my mailing list archive project.