Done at the Post
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Yesterday was my last day at the Washington Post. I don’t have a lot to add to my update 6 weeks ago; aside from some updates to the database of Guantanamo Detainees all of what I’ve done has been internal improvements to start the upgrade to Django 1.0 (80 apps take a while), tidy up templates, and make sure all my code and projects are smoothly transitioned to other newsroom employees.

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Giving Notice
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Today I gave notice that my last day at the Washington Post will be February 20. The primary reason is that I need to take time off to help a family member convalesce. I’m not taking a leave of absence because I’ve long wanted to work for myself.

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Washington Post Update
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It’s been a long time since I’ve written
about what I’ve been up to at the Washington Post, so let me run down the apps
I’ve worked on since September 2007 in roughly linear order. Lots of these apps link different places,
so if you don’t see at the start of the
URL, you’ve probably wandered off something I directly worked on.

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Choose Your Candidate
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I haven’t posted a work update in a while, because mostly I’ve had a lull between projects and a new coworkers, so we’ve been cleaning out the bug and minor feature list. There’s a really neat project I want to link to called
Choose Your Candidate that I was only peripherally involved with (I gave advice for how to do the ranking math).

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Post: The Moby Quotient
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On Friday I put up an app to let folks calculate and share the Moby Quotient of songs — a measurement of how much an artist sold out by allowing their work to be used in a commercial. The app is a companion to a story in the Post.

The article ran in the Sunday paper and we were hoping folks would take it in to work and argue with coworkers about what numbers to assign to which band and we’ve been happy with how much traffic we saw. And a few hours ago a Metafilter story went up about it, which is pretty dang cool.

These Elves are People
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It’s important for journalism address virtual worlds because they’ve become the “third place” after Home and Work that Starbucks has been trying to fill for the last decade and change. Adults go online to hang out instead of the bar; teenagers go online to try on new personalities instead of the mall.

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Post: Politics Glossary
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Politics Glossary logo

Today the first project I built launched, the Politics Glossary. It’s a small site cataloging political jargon and all the writing is done by the Politics department. Actually, one of the best things about this job is getting to meet folks at all levels and departments in the Post.
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Today I added code to the Washington Post’s 2007 Presidential Field to show campaign events by type. I’ve joined Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive as a web developer (Python with Django) and this is my first code to go live.

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