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I have a folder named “queue” that I download podcasts, videos, and books to. It occurred to me that it hasn’t been empty for years. That’s OK, the world is a very interesting place, and I care that I produce things, not just consume them.

But I wondered how big the queue is. Not in terms of disk space, that doesn’t tell me much because the different encoding rates and formats result in very different file sizes. (The disk space command is df -h, if you need it.) In terms of time.

So I wrote a script. I hacked it all out for a first pass, then tidied it into functions. It depends on having ffmpeg installed, and here’s the source:


MEDIA_EXTENSIONS = ['*.mp3', '*.ogg', '*.ogv', '*.avi', '*.mp4', '*.webm', '*.flv', '*.mov', '*.mpeg', '*.mkv', '*.mov']

DAY = HOUR * 24

def seconds_to_duration seconds
days = seconds / DAY
seconds -= days * DAY

hours = seconds / HOUR
seconds -= hours * HOUR

minutes = seconds / MINUTE
seconds -= minutes * MINUTE

"%dd:%02dh:%02dm:%02ds" % [days, hours, minutes, seconds]

def duration_of_file filename
raw_duration = `ffprobe "#{filename}" 2>&1 | grep Duration | cut -d' ' -f 4 | cut -d',' -f 1`
h, m, s, x = raw_duration.split(/[:\.]/)
h, m, s = h.to_i, m.to_i, s.to_i
seconds = s + m * 60 + h * 60 * 60

def duration_of_files path, spec! { |s| "**/**/#{s}" }
previous = Dir.getwd
Dir.chdir path
count = 0
total = 0
Dir[*spec].each do |filename|
count += 1
seconds = duration_of_file filename
total += seconds
Dir.chdir previous
return count, total

def report_on path, spec
count, total = duration_of_files path, spec
puts "#{path}: #{count} files, #{total} seconds = #{seconds_to_duration total} total duration"

dirs = ARGV.empty? ? [Dir.pwd] : ARGV
dirs.each do |dir|
report_on dir, MEDIA_EXTENSIONS

Running it on my queue directory took a minute or so, then reported:

queue: 877 files, 674007 seconds = 7d:19h:13m:27s total duration

Looks like I have a bit of material ahead of me…