Code and Coffee

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You know that code project you've been meaning to work on? The fun one that's in that new language, or trying out that database, or making that neat library, or writing about code? The one you feel that twinge of guilt for not working on lately? We've all got that project. So we have a running club for developers with side projects to meet every week, socialize a little, and make steady progress on our projects (disclaimer: no actual running involved).

Oh, yeah, I've been meaning to drop in...

We hear it all the time. It's easy to say "yeah, maybe next week..." every week, it's awfully early. You can succeed in twenty seconds: if it's not already on the table next to you, take your phone out your pocket or purse. Add a calendar reminder for the night before at 8 PM: "Set alarm for Code and Coffee". When you see it, you'll know to head to bed on time (like you've been meaning to anyways) where you'll dream about your project and wake up ready to go in the morning. We look forward to meeting you. :) There's nothing more to joining.

Any questions? We have a #code-and-coffee channel on the friendly and useful Chicago Tech Slack.

The Many Meetups!

Monday mornings

Code & Coffee in the Loop meets most Monday mornings on the second floor of the CapitalOne Café (State/Monroe), starting around 8. Contact Tim Macdonald (@tsm on the Chicago Tech Slack; \@tsmacdonald on Twitter) with any questions.

Tuesday mornings

Code & Coffee: South Side Edition is every Tuesday morning from 7 AM to 10 AM, rotating through several neighborhood coffeeshops. See the Eventbrite page for the next location.

Wednesday mornings

There's also a Code and Coffee meetup Wednesday mornings from 7-9 AM at Rewired Cafe Edgewater at the Berwyn Red Line stop. Tweet at \@pushcx or \@coreyhaines for any more info. (This group previously met at the nearby La Colombe and Chicago Grind.)

The People of Color Code and Coffee is between locations, contact \@byronwoodfork.

Thursday mornings

Open Uptown meets 8 AM Thursday mornings at Emerald City Coffee at 3938 N. Sheridan Rd. & 1224 W. Wilson Ave. See the group's Meetup page for details.

Thursday evenings

Girl Develop It runs an evening Code and Coffee that hops around between various hosts, so check out their Meetup page to learn about and RSVP to the next week's event.

Friday mornings

In the West Loop, Code and Coffee is at Sawada Coffee (map) from 8 AM onwards. Contact \@dennyabraham on the Chicago Tech Slack for more info.

Original tuesday mornings

The original Chicago Code and Coffee meetup was every Tuesday from 7-9 AM at the Starbucks at Chicago and Franklin. It ran from June 20, 2010 until November of 2016. It only stopped due to organizers' working from different offices and being unable to attend. If you'd like to reactivate this meetup, just drop me a line so I can include your contact information and tweak any details. Our thanks go to Mike Busch for starting a happy, friendly group of coders.

No meetup in your neighborhood? Start your own! There's nothing formal about starting a Code and Coffee meetup. Pick a coffeeshop, check with a manager there that it's OK, drop by the Chicago Tech Slack to tell us about your new meetup, maybe tweet a bit.

Any questions about this page? Tweet at \@pushcx or email me at peter@ this domain. Photo thanks to Caff Williams.