Survey of Conference Attendees

If you have attended a conference this year where people have used Twitter, IRC, or similar tools to carry on conversations during the live event (a “backchannel”), I’d appreciate it if you would take this brief (5-15 minute) survey:

[survey has been completed, link removed]

As thanks, I’m giving away a $40 Amazon Gift Card to one randomly-selected participant. The drawing is open until October 16, 2009 or until 500 responses have been collected.

I’m exploring the design of a potential related product and trying to learn more about people’s experiences with backchannels. I’ll write a follow-up blog post when I have some results to share and determine whether or not I’ll be building a product.

And please, please: if you have a moment, share the link to this blog post with anyone you know who might be interested in taking the survey. I would really appreciate help in getting a lot of responses.