Investigating Theme Spam
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If you’re interested in what spammers are up to these days, check out Snarky’s blog post Evil Eval() investigating the obfuscated spam code hidden in the new WordPress theme he downloaded.

I’d be really interested to see how many of the themes on various WordPress sites include function calls like eval, call_user_func, base64_decode, unpack, ord, chr, etc. as an indicator of hidden spam.

Turning WordPress Categories Into Tags
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I recently updated this WordPress install from 2.2.something to 2.5 and noticed that it now supports tags instead of just categories. I had been using categories as tags, but I’d rather built-in tags than fake it anymore. I didn’t want to manually retag a couple hundred posts with ~200 tags, so I wrote some SQL to do it for me. If you’re in the same boat

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Sociable 2.0 Beta 2
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The long-awaited Sociable 2.0 release is at hand! Before I do a full release and announcement next week on 2007-02-01, I wanted to do a beta release to shake out any bugs. If you don’t mind the risk that Sociable might smoke a little, please download the beta and let me know how it works for you. (Yep, we’re already on beta 2 — I got an updated site icon just before I finished writing this blog post.)

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