Economics Doesn’t Believe in Magic
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On a writing forum an author asked for users to think of what societies would do with the magic system he designed. Here’s a short rewrite of his setup:

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Washington Post Update
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It’s been a long time since I’ve written
about what I’ve been up to at the Washington Post, so let me run down the apps
I’ve worked on since September 2007 in roughly linear order. Lots of these apps link different places,
so if you don’t see at the start of the
URL, you’ve probably wandered off something I directly worked on.

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Choose Your Candidate
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I haven’t posted a work update in a while, because mostly I’ve had a lull between projects and a new coworkers, so we’ve been cleaning out the bug and minor feature list. There’s a really neat project I want to link to called
Choose Your Candidate that I was only peripherally involved with (I gave advice for how to do the ranking math).

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Post: Politics and Blogs
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The Politics team has kept me busy the last two weeks at the Post, so I’ve got plenty to mention here. The 2008 Campaign Tracker has gotten some big new features. Pull up Barack Obama (my former-hometown’s hero) and look at the column on the right side.

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Post: Politics Glossary
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Politics Glossary logo

Today the first project I built launched, the Politics Glossary. It’s a small site cataloging political jargon and all the writing is done by the Politics department. Actually, one of the best things about this job is getting to meet folks at all levels and departments in the Post.