Queue Zero
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Almost exactly a year ago, I posted about Sizing Up My Queue to count up how much video and audio I had downloaded to watch.
The final tally?

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2016 Media Reviews
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I’ve appreciated when people take the time to write reviews and highlight connections to other good works. This post was irregularly updated through 2016 and belatedly finished in 2017. Previously: 2014 2015

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Sizing Up My Queue
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I have a folder named “queue” that I download podcasts, videos, and books to. It occurred to me that it hasn’t been empty for years. That’s OK, the world is a very interesting place, and I care that I produce things, not just consume them.

But I wondered how big the queue is. Not in terms of disk space, that doesn’t tell me much because the different encoding rates and formats result in very different file sizes. (The disk space command is df -h, if you need it.) In terms of time.

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