Prefer: Censorship
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In the Mozilla blog post Prefer: safe, I read:

Mozilla believes users have the right to shape the Internet and their own experiences on it. However, there are instances when people seek to shape not only their own experiences, but also those of young users and family members whose needs related to trust and safety may differ.

We’re pleased to announce a smart feature in Firefox for just this type of user called Prefer:Safe, designed to simplify and strengthen the online trust and safety model.

I thought this was encouraging. The “Prefer: safe” was clearly a browser header, and this description sounded like it would indicate to the site the browser wanted increased privacy and security controls, or at least better defaults. I thought it unlikely that a lot of sites would honor it, but maybe it would improve things.

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Recreating My Firefox Profile
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With the release of Firefox 5 a few days ago, I thought it was time to recreate my Firefox profile. You may not know what it is because you only have one: it’s the set of your add-ons, bookmarks, history, and every other kind of customization you can do to Firefox.

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Because Internet Explorer is a Failure, That’s Why
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About once a month since Firefox came out and was promptly recognized as a six-gallon bucket of awesome I read a blog post about how developers are lazy, shiftless bastards because they don’t want to support Internet Explorer anymore. Most recently I read Brian Reindel make this claim, so I’m going to pick on him while I rebut this insult.

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How To De-Asshole-ify Links
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I loathe sites that set unvisited and visited links to be the same color. There are exactly two reasons that sites do this:

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