Create localhost Aliases for Different Projects
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As a consultant I’m getting set up to develop on a new Rails project every few weeks or months. And I’ll jump back to an earlier project to answer questions, fix bugs, fix typos, etc. Eventually, something overlaps between them. I got bit by this again, so I wanted to write it up.

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WWW Will Never Die
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ICANN is moving steadily to enact a fast-track process for gTLD creation (where “fast” here means “months instead of years”), so there could be a few more competitors for .com, .net, .pro, and the rest of the gang in a year or two. Some of the early candidates are .bank, .nyc, and .paris.

What this means, of course, is that www will never die. When a website could be advertised at “” or even just “google”, there needs to be something to indicate to the viewer they should go type this into their computer. It’s not going to be “Hey, now that you finally get that .com isn’t some kind of stutter, type this into your computer:” and it’s sure not going to be “http://”. It’s going to be www, and it’s going to just barely be the lesser of several evils for a long while.