Redshift With Cloudiness Adjustment
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A Lobsters story on the bright blue light of displays reminded me I should post this. I use redshift to adjust the color temperature of my monitor at night so I sleep better, and I wrote a custom wrapper script to include an adjustment for how overcast it is.

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Hard Lessons
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Having worked on email-related code before, I have been morbidly fascinated by one of the founders of writing an email client. Handmade Network is trying to reinvigorate programming by emphasizing small teams and from-scratch performant code. It’s a great way to write small, self-contained projects (games, libraries, utilities) that can be done, but fell out of favor two decades ago for complex user-facing software.

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Queue Zero
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Almost exactly a year ago, I posted about Sizing Up My Queue to count up how much video and audio I had downloaded to watch.
The final tally?

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Vim: highlight word wrap column in insert mode
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I like vim’s colorcolumn for highlighting where word wrap will occur, but I consider it a distraction when I’m not in insert mode. After some tinkering, I wrote this in my .vimrc:

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Recursive Sum
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In #ruby on Freenode, platzhirsch asked about how to total an array of Transactions when the Transactions may have parents. The two obvious approaches have pitfalls when there are a lot of Transactions, and he said he expects to have 23 million that may be deeply nested. Here’s his sample code:

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2016 Media Reviews
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I’ve appreciated when people take the time to write reviews and highlight connections to other good works. This post was irregularly updated through 2016 and belatedly finished in 2017. Previously: 2014 2015

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The Plan
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In January I planned to blog every two weeks.
This is my 26th post of 2015.
A few of them were finished last-minute, but they were finished.
It was a great writing exercise, and I’m going to let my posting frequency drop a bit as I write elsewhere.

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Advice for First-Time Attendees to MicroConf
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In April, I attented MicroConf.
The talks and conversations were invaluable to my business.
As the tickets for MicroConf 2016 are going on sale shortly, I wanted to write up advice for first-time attendees, especially those who are early in their business and want to learn a lot.

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Peter Bhat Harkins
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On the happy occasion of of our marriage, my spouse and I have adopted the shared last name Bhat Harkins. (I’m also dropping my little-used middle name.) Please do us the favor of updating your contact lists and email clients, and we’ll get started on the exciting task of updating all the state agencies, businesses, and sites over the next few weeks. Thanks!

(Though it may bring some hassles due to poor programming, we’re not hyphenating as double-barrreled names are not part of either of our traditions.)

Battery Longevity
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I switched to a Lenovo X1 Carbon (3rd gen) in January, and one of the delights of a new laptop was a new laptop battery. I chuckle when I get a stern notification that my battery is running low: it’s fallen to 20% charge! And it can only last for another… two hours and ten minutes. Well, I’m not in a big hurry to find a plug when I see that.

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