Developer Day Notes 1: Opening Keynote

by Jay Virdy, speakerrate

Nice visualization of ratings… instead of showing an average of
reviews, it shows a gradient of worst-to-best, a horizontal stacked bar

Started from Amazon, do text analysis to figure out if they were for or

Realized they weren’t getting any attention from search engines, so they
decided to aggregate content. Then they started indexing blogs and
rating products, examples: Iron Man movie and Audition: A Memoir (book).

So they figured out topic, then aggregated reviews and comments.

Had a nice bit of launch traffic from a TechCrunch article and Google
indexing, but Google booted them out of results along with PayPerPost.

Switched to indexing Twitter in 3 weeks as they were running out of
money and their investors gave up on them. Launched Apr 11 2008.

50-100% traffic growth week over week; acquired by Twitter in July.


Real-time, scaling, and trending were the hard parts. Plugging in
Twitter was easy.
6 people in the company.
Have to be prepared to capitalize on opportunities.