Conversation Guidelines

I love the discussion in my comments, it’s usually better than my posts. To keep the conversation as polite, high-signal, and informative as it’s been, I’ve written out my guidelines for moderating the discussion as lightly as possible to achieve this.

Please try to keep the discussion on-topic and positive. Rants, insults, and other forms rudeness are unwelcome; “roflolz” is right out.

I appreciate compliments, but if that’s all a comment is I’ll probably prune it to keep the signal-to-noise ratio high.

I’m happy to edit posts to clean up typos and such. It’s pretty common to have small errors in code and I’d rather touch them up than have comments hanging around explaining how to fix the first comment. Just mail me or post a comment (I’ll remove it after the fix) with the correction.

All comments submitted are licensed under the CreativeCommons Attribution-Sharealike license (or any newer version) like the rest of the site’s content.

I like linking out into other blogs, trackbacks are very welcome and moderated more leniently than comments.