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I (Peter Bhat Harkins) have been a professional web developer since 2000, consulting on dozens of projects since 2011.

Commonly my projects include Rails, Django, JavaScript, DevOps and mentoring junior developers, but the tools are secondary to solving real business problems. Some things I’ve done include:

How I Work

First, email me to say hello and describe your project a bit — the form below makes this a two minute job.
If your project is a good fit for my skills and schedule, we’ll schedule a time to have a video chat in more detail.

Then I’ll send a document outlining our shared understanding of the project’s goals and timelines.
It may offer several plans for you to choose your solution from.
If needed, we can revise the details and schedule so until they’re just right.

If you want to move forward with a plan, you’ll make a deposit via ACH.
I cannot schedule unfunded work.

Last and most importantly, I’ll do what it takes to make your business succeed and thrive.

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