The Plan
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In January I planned to blog every two weeks.
This is my 26th post of 2015.
A few of them were finished last-minute, but they were finished.
It was a great writing exercise, and I’m going to let my posting frequency drop a bit as I write elsewhere.

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Advice for First-Time Attendees to MicroConf
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In April, I attented MicroConf.
The talks and conversations were invaluable to my business.
As the tickets for MicroConf 2016 are going on sale shortly, I wanted to write up advice for first-time attendees, especially those who are early in their business and want to learn a lot.

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Peter Bhat Harkins
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On the happy occasion of of our marriage, my spouse and I have adopted the shared last name Bhat Harkins. (I’m also dropping my little-used middle name.) Please do us the favor of updating your contact lists and email clients, and we’ll get started on the exciting task of updating all the state agencies, businesses, and sites over the next few weeks. Thanks!

(Though it may bring some hassles due to poor programming, we’re not hyphenating as double-barrreled names are not part of either of our traditions.)

Battery Longevity
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I switched to a Lenovo X1 Carbon (3rd gen) in January, and one of the delights of a new laptop was a new laptop battery. I chuckle when I get a stern notification that my battery is running low: it’s fallen to 20% charge! And it can only last for another… two hours and ten minutes. Well, I’m not in a big hurry to find a plug when I see that.

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Have You Seen This Cache?
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It looks like syntax highlighting, image thumbnails, and compiling object files.
Let me explain.

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Replacing Ack with Ag
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I used grep to search code for a bit over a decade. I switched to ack to get more quicker searches without the distractions of svn/git metadata and other non-code files. After a very nice five years of ack, I’ve switched to ag. I’ve been recommending it to other devs for a year or two (it’s faster than ack with a couple really nice features like obeying .gitignore configs), but only took the time to switch this week.

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POP3 and SMTP via SSH Tunnels
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I use Fetchmail to retrieve my email. I have an account that still doesn’t support SSL, but at least I also have an SSH account that on the same network. Here’s the fetchmailrc config to optionally tear down, then build and use an SSH tunnel:

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Chicago Code and Coffee
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A quick note for folks who don’t follow me on twitter: I’ve created a homepage for Code and Coffee, the weekly development meetup. Hope to see you soon.

Finished Libraries
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When I evaluate a software library, I typically look first at how recently it’s had a release. Is it being updated, or has it been abandoned? There’s an assumption, here.

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Deleting Spam From sup Maildirs
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A quirk of the sup email client is that it doesn’t sync back changes like deletes to mail sources. “Deleted” messages are only flagged and hidden from the user.

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