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I’ve starting using Twitter as @pushcx. I’ve been reading a few people for a while, but not really contributing.

Any longtime readers will know I’ve been thinking about usernames. A little while ago I realized that, while it doesn’t include my name, ‘pushcx’ is a decent enough handle that can be dereferenced uniquely.

Twitter users, please leave your username in a comment with a tip for getting the most out of Twitter. I’d like to avoid as many newbie mistakes as I can. :)


  1. There are a few people on that aren’t on Twitter, but it doesn’t seem worth the time. Also, it looks like doesn’t support OAuth and my client (Twirssi) only has a global flag for it, so I’d have to stop using Twitter.

    I like independent public standards more than private services, but I don’t have the patience and spare attention right now for the hypothetical future gains of open standards on a service I don’t yet see much value in.

  2. I’ve been a twitter user for quite some time and like I tell everyone now it has replaced my RSS.

    To get the most out of twitter I recommend using a program like tweetdeck and setting up some filtering systems into columns. For instance I monitor keywords like django and couchdb. Aside from my massive follow base which consists of entrepreneurs, designers, and coders.

  3. @screwjaw here. You’re probably aware of this observation, but my biggest adjustment when signing up was getting used to the publicness of Twitter (even though I learned it Google Buzz). Coming from Facebook, I was used to working hard to protect my privacy and discriminating against people I didn’t know. With Twitter, there’s lots of freedom to follow who like and to be followed by everyone in the world.

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