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Starting January 1st, 2011, I’m going to do some traveling. I have definite plans out through March and will choose and plan new destinations as I go. I don’t have an end date in mind, I’m going to travel until I run out of interest in seeing the world.

So far, the plan is:

Jan 1 – Jan 14
Colorado west of the Rockies, including Grand Junction, Durango, and more
Jan 24 – Feb 11
Colorado east of the Rockies, including Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo
Feb 21 – Feb 28
Mar 1 – Mar 20
probably NYC
May – onward
completely open, likely international – maybe traverse Canada east-to-west

The unlisted gaps are private travel with friends and family, but I’m otherwise looking to meet up people with similar interests like web development and gaming (online and tabletop). If you’re along my route, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to recommend places I visit, to meet up, or just to chat.

As I’ve started talking about these plans, everybody asks how I’m going to pay for it. Working on the web means I can build my sites or do contracting anywhere I go, but mostly I’m traveling cheaply – discount airfare, staying in hostels and on friendly couches, and staying light enough to keep everything in one backpack. After wanting it for long enough, I’m by damn going to find a way to make it work.

Hope to see you out on the trail.


  1. So, did you put what else you own in a storage unit somewhere? I know you’re a fan of the minimal lifestyle, did you reduce down to your backpack?

  2. I’m still selling and giving away things; I’ll store a little furniture and two or three boxes of stuff with family and friends.

  3. Hey Peter – look us up if you’re in town. Depending on the time of year you get around to our neck of the woods, we could do a multitude of things, including gaming :)

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