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The sun has come out from behind the clouds, and the world is beautiful again. Now birds sing in the trees and now animals frolic in the long grass. The spring breeze has never been this sweet, nor has the river run so clear.

Beauty has finally come to Earth, and love has returned to the hearts of every person. Hunger shall never again darken a child’s face and death is banished forever-more. All human suffering is at an end and we shall all be as gods, eternally.

A Record Of This, The Pinnacle of Human Achievement

Today, yes, sweet today, 16 years after its original release, I have seized the gold in Super Mario Kart’s Super Cup at 150cc class. This final defeat of the hardest courses on the highest difficulty has made my life complete.

Anyone else out there? What old games are you still beating your head against — or triumphing over?

And… anyone interested in buying a used Super Nintendo?


  1. My brother and I just played a round of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck: World of Illusion for Genesis last night actually. It was rather disappointing to beat it on the first try after so many failures when we were much younger.

  2. I’ve found myself returning to Sonic 2 from my Genesis (thank you Virtual Console) and finding it much easier than I did as a child, but no less fun.

    Super Mario Bros., on the other hand, has not gotten easier as I have aged. Curse you, World 3.

  3. Congrats! Beating an older game nowadays is far more of a significant achievement, I find, than any newer games.

    It took me seven years to complete the original Legend of Zelda game on the NES when I was a kid because I couldn’t figure out which stone to push in the secret room in dungeon 7. Returning a few years later and I solved it within about 5 minutes.

    Fortunately that game was one of the first/only games to have a save system in the cartridge, so I just carried on where I left off. It was a gold cartridge. Anyone remember?

    Sadly, though, the ending totally wasn’t worth it.

  4. > Sadly, though, the ending totally wasn’t worth it.

    What? The LoZ ending was that you could play the entire game again, with a map that was initially very similar to the first one, but that quickly got a lot harder. Totally worth it.

  5. I really hated those baddies with the shields that you could only kill from the side or the back, what were they called? Two or three weren’t so bad, but I remember one dungeon room had like 20!!!

  6. I still drag out and dust off my version of Xcom Enemy of the Deep.There are so many hours of gameplay I usually run out of spare time or start completely forgetting which of my aquanauts can do what… and have to start again from scratch..
    Someday I’ll finish it!

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