Finally, Sweet Success
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The sun has come out from behind the clouds, and the world is beautiful again. Now birds sing in the trees and now animals frolic in the long grass. The spring breeze has never been this sweet, nor has the river run so clear.

Beauty has finally come to Earth, and love has returned to the hearts of every person. Hunger shall never again darken a child’s face and death is banished forever-more. All human suffering is at an end and we shall all be as gods, eternally.

A Record Of This, The Pinnacle of Human Achievement

Today, yes, sweet today, 16 years after its original release, I have seized the gold in Super Mario Kart’s Super Cup at 150cc class. This final defeat of the hardest courses on the highest difficulty has made my life complete.

Anyone else out there? What old games are you still beating your head against — or triumphing over?

And… anyone interested in buying a used Super Nintendo?

Pipe Viewer
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Today I found a really nice program for long-running console commands:
pv, aka “Pipe Viewer”. If you’ve ever strung together a long command with pipes, run it, questioned why it’s taking so long, maybe open another terminal to run toppv is the answer to that question.

The examples that come with it are a little weird, but the best way I’ve found to use it is in-between the pipes of an existing command.

# transform this command to dump and compress a database:
mysql -u [username] --password=[password] [database] | bzip2 > /tmp/db_dump
# into:
mysql -u [username] --password=[password] [database] | pv -cN dump | bzip2 | pv -cN bzip2 > /tmp/db_dump
# or this command to count popular pages in a big apache log:
awk '{ print $7 }' access.log | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn
# into:
awk '{ print $7 }' access.log | pv -cN awk | sort | pv -cN sort | uniq -c | pv -cN uniq | sort -rn

Yeah, the repetition calls out for a really pithy alias for pv -cN. But you get the idea — you can easily see how long the different steps of your long job are taking.

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