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Sociable 2.0 is out!

2.0 contains plenty of new features: 61 sites, subtler icons to avoid clashing with your theme, translation into German, French, Hungarian, and Italian, and more. It lays the groundwork to expand into more languages and more blog engines, so 2007 is going to be bigger than ever.

If you’d like to hear me babble a bit about Sociable, check out this interview. First time I’ve been interviewed.

Sometimes folks ask me if Sociable has a ‘tip jar’ so they could donate to support it. The sites that are on by default have generously sponsored Sociable, so keeping them turned on is a great way for you to support Sociable. Thanks!


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  2. just installed sociable 2.0: the checkboxes on the options page cannot be selected or deselected in Firefox, works in IE though.

  3. Something changed here… i used this plugin on anther blog without a problem. but on this blog – in firefox – it dispalys the icons not as it is supposed to and it also breaks the template. Any ideas?

  4. I faced this issue earlier as well. Somehow the DIGG and Technorati icons, although present in the ‘images’ directory, are not being displayed on the page. Any ideas on why this is happening and how to resolve it?

  5. Good job!
    One question.
    I want to add socialible to the bottom of my index page for users who want to bookmark a site.
    I added print sociable_html(); at the bottom of column to index.php in my theme, and what I get?
    A most recent post is encoded in links, i.e. if pressed, a post will be bookmarked (not the index page).
    Any workaround?

  6. Bhooshan,
    I too had trouble with icons, but it was with the JEQQ and DIGG icons. This happened after I updated to 2.0. I fixed the problem by clicking the “Restore Built-In Defaults” button at the bottom of the Sociable > Options page. All icons reloaded just fine after that.

  7. Any chance you can add “Google Bookmarks” to the next release? I’m actually shocked it’s not there already.

  8. The first icon in the row is not displayed correctly, it is shown some pixels above compared to the other icons. This effect is only relevant when viewing the blog with Firefox. Is there a fix available?

  9. Great plugin! But I have to agree that Google would a great addition for the next release.

    Also, the alpha filter (opacity) for the icons won’t work in IE6, so they will stay at 40% even after rollover. I know you can get java to detect browsers and call up different stylesheets depending on the browser…. The filter that works in IE5.5 – IE 6 (IE 7 works!) is filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(opacity=x).

    I don’t have enough experience to make the changes, but thought I’d make the suggestion :).


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  11. This is perhaps the best tool I’ve seen for implementing the social bookmarks to posts.

    I have one suggestion that i’m dying to see, and if it’s been done you have to show me..

    you have a digg badge but you don’t have a digg badge that shows how many diggs have been submitted and the sort.

    I’ve made some adjustments at my site —-> still int he works as of 5/4/07

    and as I’ve been tweaking, a digg badge that showed a total of submitted would look really nice inline with the other badges.

    Any guidance would be appreciated

  12. I hate to chime in again but a tell a friend would be great. someway to email someone straight from a sociable badge

  13. Hi,
    this really is a great tool. I just seem to have one small problem, maybe one of the heavier users can explain why this is occurring: with specific themes and in Firefox (not IE), the first icon is always shifted upwards a tiny bit. To make it complicated: only from the second blog entry onwards. This kind of breaks the otherwise smooth layout. Now I’m not really sure what causes this, especially because the code that places the icons there is a list environment that always has the same content… Anybody have an idea? Thanks!

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