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On Friday I put up an app to let folks calculate and share the Moby Quotient of songs — a measurement of how much an artist sold out by allowing their work to be used in a commercial. The app is a companion to a story in the Post.

The article ran in the Sunday paper and we were hoping folks would take it in to work and argue with coworkers about what numbers to assign to which band and we’ve been happy with how much traffic we saw. And a few hours ago a Metafilter story went up about it, which is pretty dang cool.


  1. Gah, you’ve got pi wrong! you quote it as being 3.1417, it’s 3.14159, round to 3.1416 if you must!

  2. The Style section put that graphic together, I’ll pass on that typo.

    I’m surprised you didn’t notice the app is actually using 3.14 for pi. At first I was using Python’s builting math.pi constant but I changed it so that if you tried out the examples you’d get the same number.

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