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Today in #luni we ranted a bit about developers. (I’m “Malaprop” in the exchange.)

<mewyn> i’m gonna throttle one of our developers
<mewyn> we had to reboot a server because his crappy code leaked ALL the server’s memory, pys was 99% and swap was 99%
<SmooveB> heh
<Malaprop> mewyn: As long as you’re throttling devs, can I give you a list?
<Malaprop> Hm, I want someone to start a Web2.0 company, ThrottleYourDevs.com. Internet-enabled developer throttling, delivered right to your door.
<SmooveB> XmlHttpThrottleRequest.com
<Malaprop> I could add my list of throttled devs to my feed-reader to keep up with my order status.
<SmooveB> feeds, xmlhttprequest, mashups… perhaps some sort of google maps integration
<SmooveB> and realtime SVG tracking.
<Sketch> you can’t be web2.0 without google maps integration
<Malaprop> Totally. Beowulf clusters of throttled developers are so Web 1.0.

Note: No developers were actually throttled in the making of this post. But we wish some were.