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I’ve just fixed a few more WordPress 1.5 bugs to create Sociable 1.2. There are also some css changes so that weird themes do fewer weird things to the display of Sociable (and man, do they do that a lot).

This release of Sociable owes a lot of thanks to Ajay D’Souza for working with me to debug Sociable.


  1. Eddie, this looks like a search to me, not code that would bookmark the current post.

    Peter: I really like your code. I was thinking of using it on my own WordPress blog, but instead I ended up porting it to my forum software, NextBBS, creating the first bookmarkable message board ;)
    You can see the modification in action at


  2. Eddie: left a comment at your blog.

    Cool, GPL code wins again. I looked around your forums but couldn’t see the plugin in action, could you give a direct link?

    If you really want your forum code to take off, write a good spam filter and a plugin to import from phpBB. With all the bots that sign up and spam in spite of captchas and mail verification, I know a few people who’d jump over right now.

  3. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the link. Great plugin. I am using it on my Humble Reviews site.

    One thing I forgot to ask is that have you put the height and width of all the images that are being used?
    This should be done for better accessibility. Can tell you more over Gtalk later.

    Btw, my name is Ajay D’Souza ;)

  4. Ajay: I’ve added the height and width attributes, thanks for pointing out the oversight.

    I’ve also fixed the spelling of your name, sorry about that.

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  6. For Technorati, use this code instead of the earlier posted code, it will add your post to the new ‘Favorites’ instead of doing a search:

    ‘technorati’ => Array(
    ‘favicon’ => ‘technorati.gif’,
    ‘url’ => ‘’,

  7. Peter, I just saw your reply:
    The plugin is “hiding” under a link accessible in all topics:
    “Share Topic!”

    Actually, it can be re-used anywhere in the software by app developers as it’s now behaving like a regular NBBS module.

    Yup, total hurray for GPL, you said it!

  8. After activating this plug in I could no longer bring up the configuration popups for any widgets. I disabled it and widget control went back to normal. Any ideas what’s happening?

  9. I tried adding a bookmark site in sociable.php as follows (but I don’t see the icon in the admin list for me to click and make it active)

    1. Socialble.php::: below MyYahoo I added:

    ‘IndiaGram’ => Array(
    ‘favicon’ => ‘indiagram.png’,
    ‘url’ => ‘’,

    and in image array i added just below the myyahoo image link: ‘images/indiagram.png’,

    2. Updated the file and moved the new image to the image folder of sociable.

    3. Nothing happened. The indiagram icon does not show up in the admin screen of sociable. Any clues as to what I’m doing wrong?

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  11. hi Peter,

    i’m using your plugin, thanks! it’s good, with very user friendly configuration compare to others.

    however your plugin have some conflict with Matthew Delmarter’s spell checker plugin, i found out that it’s the javascript from line 355 in your plugin that caused the problem. anyway i did a very simple fix, i removed the javascript block and paste it just before the social site list in admin option page. i hope that you could include this fix this in your next release :)

    sorry if i couldn’t explain cleary, i have a very bad english :P

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  13. I added Google and Slashdot into the Sociable plugin, you can check it out at

    Hope that my instruction is clear, any feedback are welcome :)

    PS: Sorry Petter for my previous post, did something wrong, please delete the comment for me, thank you :P

  14. Hello,

    if interested in (I hope so) you can add – a german (and as well english spoken) social web service – to your plugin (which i use myself in my private blog.. thanks :))

    You can find the options here: or just use this:

    Bei LinkARENA sichern

    Hope not spamming this comments with this…

    kind regards,

    Dominic Roesmann, LinkARENA

  15. I like you plugin. Saves a lot of work in figuring this out. How can I add the text name of the social bookmark site next to its icon?

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