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My first programming language was Hypercard (probably 2.0). A slight change of pace, my second programming language was x86 assembly and I have a small warm spot in my heart for it. I keep the small warm spot deep underneath the frozen lake of frustration I have in my heart for x86 assembly. Anyways, on x86, cx is the count register, one of only four registers (well, not really at the time and not anymore, but work with me here.)

assembly code using 'push cx' When I noticed the country code for Christmas Island is .cx and that domains are available, I realized it was a rare opportunity for a truly geeky domain name. There’s only a handful of opcodes that take the cx register alone, and I went for push; I’ve always liked stacks.

Welcome to what I plan to be a rather geeky blog.


  1. After all these years… you never told me that you knew Hypercard? Bah! I feel betrayed somehow.

    It was a happy language – probably my 3rd or so. In addition to the obvious applications with bad animation, I also used it to write gradebook software for my Jr High algebra teacher and stuff…

    Hrm, and it looks like the comment preview function isn’t quite functional?

  2. I loved Hypercard, I made a bunch of little adventure games, chess (no ai), and an original strategy game on a 13×13 grid. I’ll never forget that last one, because it was the source of my first code epiphany, a year or two after I’d first started coding. I’d nearly finished the game engine when my programming teacher looked over my stack and taught me what an “array” was. Big rush.

    That comment preview function apparently never worked in this theme, so I’ve removed the link and will dig up a plugin for it sometime soon.

  3. Great start for your weblog! Is this a theme that you created or is it available in the wild?
    I have you bookmarked and BlinkListed and i am looking forward to more of your blogging.

  4. It’s a fairly modified version of Hemingway Reloaded. I plan a writeup of what all I did to make it into what I’m calling “Hemingway Revolutions”, but I figured that was a little too navel-gazing to get into just yet.

  5. What ever happened to Hemingway Reloaded? I’ve been looking forward to its release ;)

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