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I found GoJobby via Ajaxian and filled out a profile to check it out. It’s a neat site, but I’ve got a few concerns/suggestions and a big warning.

Last, the warning: you can have 64 tags (total between all categories). GoJobby doesn’t tell you this anywhere, you’ll just notice a tag randomly disappear every time you try to add a 65th. I noticed this because I started adding tags for all the fun odd stuff I’ve learned and then noticed things kept disappearing. You’ll have to sit there and count your tags to know how many you have, GoJobby is very young yet.

Despite my nitpicking and the couple small bugs, GoJobby is great to use and will pick up tons of job seekers. Unlike Dice and Monster, registration is easy and filling in a profile is dead easy. And you can actually upload your resume as a file — how 1995! It’s not just a little nicer for seekers, it’s worlds better.

Anyone else have suggestions or know of other web 2.0 job sites? I’m trying to think of others, and Indeed is the closest I can get.


  1. Heya!

    Hey Push – Checked out your comments. Much appreciated! We’re in beta, so we’re digging in to check out what you’ve had to say.

    On the drag-and-drop being better than a multi-click interface… We pondered that long and hard. When it came down to it, we found that the multiclick interface was just plain faster. I’d wager that a person could build a profile a heckuva lot faster by multiclicking than by dragging and dropping. We wanted to do every thing we could to minimize the time it took to build a profile/resume. Of course, I recognize that we’re sacrificing a bit of usability for this… But we think it’s worth it.

    Anyhoo, thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the response. It sounds like you’re saying you optimized for speed instead of usability. You’re entering a space with a lot of competitors: if folks can’t figure out your site, they have plenty of other places to go.

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