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Since Ubuntu Edgy came out last week I decided to spend some more time tinkering with getting dual-head display working, and this time it took.

Feast your eyes on the 1280×1824 goodness:

dual-head macbook screenshot

The division between monitors is that little gap just under the huge code window.

I keep what I’m working on up on the top monitor — a nice big vim code window (usually :split into multiple windows) and a browser for viewing the output. Down on the bottom is IRC, SIMud, mail, and any docs I need.

My desktop theme is deliberately very plain and subdued. I figure any time I notice how pretty my desktop is I’m being distracted from what I’m doing, so I have no animations, transparency, or other bits of frippery.

If you’re curious, here’s my xorg.conf. Of course, now that I’ve got it working I’m tempted to get a nice 23″ display (the 13″ Macbook can run an external display at up to 1900×1200).


  1. *drool*

    Noticed that your display adapter is the i810. Did you also have to use the 915resolution hack to get that resolution? That’s pretty sweet.

    I used 915resolution to get 1440×900 in Kubuntu Dapper. It broke during my upgrade to Edgy, so I’m back on Dapper.

  2. Yes, I did install the 915resolution package to get this resolution.

    1440×900 isn’t a supported resolution for the Macbook, though — maybe you have a Macbook Pro? I had a little hassle getting up to Dapper, but I don’t recall what broke. Must not’ve been too bad or I’d still be on Dapper.

  3. My previous computer (“Tartan”, 2002-2006) was a Shuttle SB61G2. Was a nice box, but the power supply was too wimpy for my dual-head card.

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