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allaryin: whee…
allaryin: i’ve been given a job to put a simple email address subscription form on a site
Harkins: sounds pretty easy
allaryin: and… as far as i can tell, the server has neither php nor perl :P
allaryin: i’m running out of options :P
Harkins: cgi, baby
allaryin: for db access?
Harkins: Or change the target of the form to a server you control running PHP/perl that saves the data and redirects back to the other server.
allaryin: yeah…
allaryin: but i really don’t want to commit any of our server resources to their site :P
BSDCat: I think a ‘simplicity’ fairy just lost its wings
Harkins: Or make the form GET and write a cron job to scrape access.log.
allaryin: …
allaryin: wow.
Harkins: Yes, I’m evil.
allaryin: it’s beautiful really
Harkins: bwa
allaryin: but yes, evil