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I just got home from Bar Camp Chicago and it was awesome. Two days of geeky topics.

On Saturday I:

…and then I came home and crashed. It was an incredible day, constantly busy and engaging. There were at least 60 people there and between all the folks and the July heat, the air conditioning couldn’t even keep up.

On Sunday I:

I may only have had two meals in two days, but it was a great time. Where TechCocktail was a noisy sardine can with lots of business guys, Bar Camp was almost all geeks and never too busy or empty. I only saw one tie, but that guy was also wearing a RailsConf badge so maybe he just had a paraphelia for neckwear.

To express the right note of enthusiasm, let me just say: A+++++ EXCELLENT, BIG THANKS – WILL ATTEND AGAIN.


  1. Thanks for going to my presentation on devices at barcamp. You’re right though, it can be nebulous talking about pervasive computing. There is actually quite a bit of meat to talk about regarding web coding and pervasive computing. For example, why does using the internet on portable devices still suck so much? Thoughts?

  2. I think portable devices suck online because we don’t have the mesh networking that’s natural for portable devies integrating well with the hierarchical (DNS, IANA) nature of the Internet.

    If you’re asking about why I think web surfing sucks so much on portable devices, I have a visual answer: hold up a Blackberry alongside your 19″ LCD monitor. The web is about making unprecidentedly huge amounts of data available to you in seconds, even when you’re using it to look at pictures of someone’s kittens on MySpace.

    Check out the Palm OS UI Guidelines. There’s a lot of text there about how a handheld is really, really not a desktop. A handheld has to do little tasks really well, a desktop is the EveryAnimalMachine.

  3. Please do let me know any updates on the HyperCard front… Me? I think I have some insights on how to fast track the reimplementation of HyperTalk… :-)

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